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Heather Bullard



Cardiothoracic ICU


PharmD: Ferris State University

Residency Training

PGY1: Spectrum Health
PGY2 Critical Care: Cleveland Clinic

Heather Bullard

Practice Interests

Mechanical circulatory support, anticoagulation, outcomes based research, disaster preparedness and response

Professional Affiliation

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, Drug Shortages and Medication Safety Committee

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, CPP Section, Practice Advancement Committee 

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, Research Section, Awards Committee 

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, CPP Section, Program Committee Past Chair 

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, Patient and Family Support Committee, Past Member 

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine, Fundamentals of Disaster Management Committee, Past Member 

  • Kent County Medical Reserve Corps, Board of Directors, 2007-2014

  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Member

Recent Publications

  • MacLaren R, Roberts R, Dzierba A, Buckley, M, Lat I, Lam S. on behalf of the Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Section's Practice Advancement Committee of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (Acknowledgement: Bullard HM) Characterizing Critical Care Pharmacy Services Across the United States. Critical Care Explorations. 2021; 3(1): p e0323.

  • Imamura T, Narang N, Combs P, Siddiqi U, Mirzai S, Stonebreaker C, Bullard H, Simone P, Jeevanandam V. Impact of Plasma Volume Status on Mortality Following Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation. Artif Organs. 2021;45:587-92.

  • Imamura T, Combs P, Siddiqi U, Mirzai S, Stonebraker C, Bullard H, Simone P, Jeevanandam V. Perioperative improvement in serum albumin level in patients with left ventricular assist device. J Card Surg. 2020 Sep 16. doi: 10.1111/jocs.14995. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32939865.

  • Combs PS, Imamura T, Siddiqi U, Mirzai S, Spiller R, Stonebreaker C, LaBuhn C, Bullard H, Simone P, Jeevanandam V. Opioid Use and Morbidities During Left Ventricular Assist Device Support. Int Heart J. 2020; 61(3):547-552.

  • Lat I, Daley MJ, Shewale A, et al on behalf of the DEFINE study group and the Discovery Research Network (Acknowledgement: Bullard HM) A Multicenter, Prospective, Observational Study to Determine Predictive Factors for Multidrug-Resistant Pneumonia in Critically Ill Adults: The DEFINE Study. Pharmacotherapy. 2019;39(3):253-260. doi: 10.1002/phar.2171

  • Shumaker AC, Bullard HM, Churpek J, Knoebel R. Posaconazole-Digoxin Drug-Drug Interaction Mediated by Inhibition of P-glycoprotein. J Oncol Pharm Practice.

  • Davidson JE, Aslakson RA, Long AC. (Acknowledgement: Bullard HM) Guidelines for Family-Centered Care in the Neonatal, Pediatric, and Adult ICU. Crit Care Med. 2017 Jan; 45(1):103-128.

  • Steward JS, Bullard HM, O'Rourke TJ, Campbell AD, Brinker BT, Yost KJ, Vanderwoude AC, Scott WL, Kintzel PE. Effect of Single Agent High-Dose Methotrexate-Related Acute Kidney Injury on Length of Hospitalization and Relative Dose Intensity in Adult Patients with Central Nervous System Lymphoma. J Oncol Pharm Practice. 2017 Oct; 23(7):496-501. 

  • Devlin, JW, Michaud CJ, Bullard HM, Harris SA, Thomas WL. Quetiapine for Intensive Care Unit Delirium: The Evidence Remains Weak. Pharmacotherapy. 2016 Feb; 36(2):e12-4.

  • Michaud CJ, Bullard HM, Harris SA, Thomas WL. Impact of Quetiapine Treatment on Duration of Hypoactive Delirium in Critically Ill Adults: a Retrospective Analysis. Pharmacotherapy 2015 Aug; 35(8):731-9.

  • Bockheim HM, Harris SA, Kirschner Z, McAllen K, Michaud CJ, Rivard B, Thomas W, VandenBerg M, authors. Barletta JF, original contributor. Kirschner Z, Michaud CJ, editors. Dores N, Hauck J, Prospal D, Gurka M, Zechmeister C, Belfer J, additional contributors. Adult Critical Care Clinical Pharmacy Handbook: Guidelines, Algorithms, and Clinical Pearls. Self-Published and Circulated. 2014 Dec. Pages 1-155.

  • Kane-Gill SL, LeBlanc JM, Dasta JF, Devabhakthuni S. A multicenter study of the point prevalence of drug-induced hypotension in the ICU; Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Trials Network. Crit Care Med. 2014 Oct; 42(10):2197-203. 

  • Michaud CJ, Bockheim HM, Nabeel M, Daum T. Diagnosis of Exclusion: A Case Report of Probable Glatiramer Acetate-Induced Eosinophilic Myocarditis. Case Rep Neurol Med. 2014:786342. doi: 10.1155/2014/786342. Epub 2014 Jul 3. 

  • Bockheim HM, McAllen KJ, Baker R, Barletta JF. Mechanical Prophylaxis to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism in Surgical Patients: A Prospective Trial Evaluating Compliance. Journal of Critical Care (2009) 24, 192-196.

Academic and/or National Presentations

  • Mechanical Circulatory Support: A Continuum of Care from Critical Illness to Rehabilitation. Presented as Grand Rounds at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. Chicago, Illinois. October 2019.

  • Anemia in Critical Illness - Beyond Transfusion. Iron Supplements - Indications and Administration. Presented as part of the 47th Annual Critical Care Congress. Society of Critical Care Medicine. San Antonio, Texas. February 2018.

  • The Rise of The Machines: VADs, IABP, Impella. Presented as part of the Chicagoland Critical Care Conference. Chicago, Illinois. August 2016.

  • The Role of the Critical Care Pharmacist in Disaster Preparedness. Presented as part of the 40th Annual Critical Care Congress. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Pre-Congress Symposium. Society of Critical Care Medicine. San Diego, California. January 2011.

  • Year in Review Pharmacy: Cardiac Critical Care. Presented as part of the 39th Annual Critical Care Congress. Society of Critical Care Medicine. Miami, Florida. January 2010.

Current Research

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