Director of Graduate

Pharmacy Education Welcome

Dear Residency Applicant:


We are excited to welcome you to the University of Chicago Medicine Graduate Pharmacy Education website.  We applaud your dedication to your professional development by seeking out advanced pharmacy training. UChicago Medicine prides itself on being At the Forefront by offering tomorrow’s therapies today and improving the lives of the people in our community with complex, chronic and acute disease states. The Department of Pharmacy is an integral care partner across the spectrum of disease states and continuum of care.  The UChicago Medicine enterprise encompasses the Centers for Care and Discovery adult hospital, Mitchell A. Mitchell adult hospital, Comer Children’s Hospital, a multitude of ambulatory care clinics across the greater Chicagoland area and Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Illinois.   The variety of settings and levels of care allow our pharmacy department to offer a variety of clinically advanced and rigorous experiences that will develop our pharmacy residents to be well rounded pharmacists that can be competitive for any type of future pharmacy career.  



Our vision is to create the foremost pharmacy leaders that drive clinical pharmacy practice and innovation across the country.  UChicago Medicine is looking to recruit a diverse class of motivated applicants with the highest professional potential that desire robust and challenging training to develop themselves into the future leaders of pharmacy. 

Best Wishes,                    


Rachael Prusi, PharmD, MSGH

Director of Graduate Pharmacy Education

Clinical Pharmacy Manager of Education

UChicago Medicine