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Pharmacy Residents 

PGY2 Pharmacy Residents


Critical Care


Veronika Colomy, PharmD, BCPS

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Pharmacy School: Temple University School of Pharmacy

PGY1: Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

Professional Interests: Critical care, emergency medicine, solid organ transplant

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants and taking walks along the lake.

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of adherence to a sedation management bundle and impact on clinical outcomes in critically ill adults at a single center

​PGY1 Research: Comparative study of clevidipine to nicardipine for perioperative hypertension in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Fun Fact: I love to bake and decorate cakes!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The PGY-2 critical care program at UChicago Medicine provides a challenging, yet supportive environment for residents to develop their clinical skills. The wide variety of ICUs, the 24-hour on-call program, and the numerous leadership experiences make me feel confident that following residency I will be a well rounded practitioner.

Catherine Donaldson, PharmD

Hometown: Monte Vista, CO

Pharmacy School: University of Colorado

PGY1: Prisma Health - Upstate, Greenville, SC

Professional Interests: Toxicology, trauma, neurological sequelae after cardiac arrest

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants and breweries (love a good brewery beer), and exploring all the things to do in Chicago. But I also love the mountains, hiking, camping, etc. when I am home in Colorado.

PGY2 Research: Use of Nebulized Acetylcysteine in the ICU

PGY1 Research: Effects of Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate of Diuretic Dosing in Hospitalized Patients

Fun Fact: I am half Native American (Apache to be specific).

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: As a critical care resident at UCM, you get ample opportunities to be involved in medical emergencies during your day-to-day activities. You are given a ton of autonomy to develop your own practice style and solve problems. You also are exposed to so many critical care specialties and work with some of the top experts in the field. The preceptors will consistently challenge you to improve and provide regular constructive feedback to help you. You're also held to a very high standard and given so many opportunities to improve processes at UCM.

Emergency Medicine

IMG_7811 - can you remove that random piece of hair.JPG

Ashley Franco, PharmD, MS

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Pharmacy School: Regis University (Denver, CO)

PGY1: Denver Health Medical Center

Professional Interests: Emergency Medicine, Toxicology, Substance Use Disorders

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants, breweries, sightseeing and exploring the rich culture of Chicago

PGY2 Research: Dexmedetomidine Use for Post-Intubation Sedation in the Emergency Department

PGY1 Research: Impact of a Naloxone Best Practice Advisory on Prescriber Behavior - A Pre-Post Implementation Analysis

Fun Fact: Waaay back in the day, I was a dual sport collegiate athlete! I played both basketball and volleyball.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The PGY2 Emergency Medicine residency at The University of Chicago Medical Center offers innumerable learning opportunities in a setting unlike any other. The sheer volume of critically ill patients that are seen in the ED allow you to see every aspect of Emergency Medicine. We see the sickest of the sick in a patient population that is underserved yet deserving of high-quality care. Two of the most important aspects of an EM program for me were the ability to serve the underserved and promote diversity in the health professions and the residency program at UCM provides me the opportunity to all of that and more.

Hematology and Oncology


Jordan Baur, PharmD

Hometown: Wausau, WI

Pharmacy School: University of Minnesota

PGY1: University of Chicago Medicine

Professional Interests: BMT, leukemia, disparities in cancer prevention/treatment, pain management

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Hanging out by the ocean (some people call it "Lake Michigan"), running as part of the inaugural UCM Pharmacy Residency Running Club (UPRRC), HH at The University of Chicago Pub (or as we say DTP (down to pub)?), being unofficial co-captain of our volleyball team The Ace-Inhibitors (not only are we first line for HTN but also #1 team according to anonymous sources), going to Two Friends concerts, cheering for the White Sox, cheering against the Bears, visiting new breweries to add to my insta page (@jordanbaur), and of course shopping the deals at JO (Jewel Osco)/riding the 'L' (green line specifically)

PGY2 Research: Implications of off-label prescribing of novel therapies in AML

PGY1 Research: Evaluation of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis for head and neck surgeries

Fun Fact: I have multiple nicknames: bauwau (pronounced bow-wow), JBau, Baur, JWow(w), Jordo, Jordy, JB, JW

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UChicago Medicine provides the rewarding experience of caring for an underserved population of Chicago. The PGY2 hematology/oncology program has excellent preceptors that are supportive of your growth as a pharmacist and also give you the resources to gain clinical confidence. The breadth of opportunities both inpatient and outpatient allow you to explore your interests and become a more well-rounded hematology/oncology pharmacist. As a resident you feel like part of the hematology/oncology team when working with providers, nurses, and other staff members. UCM is a NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center and provides a learning environment that is top-notch and allows you to play an active role in caring for patients on cutting-edge therapy.


Nan Li, PharmD (Non-Traditional PGY-2)

Hometown: Harbin, China

Pharmacy School: Touro University College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Carle Foundation Hospital 

Professional Interests: Oncology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Anything to do with the lake

PGY2 Research: Pharmacy management on high-dose methotrexate regimens

​PGY1 Research: Comparison of clinical and cost effectiveness of IV acetaminophen vs other routes of acetaminophen

Fun Fact: I heard whales singing while on a cruise ship

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Professional build-up and network connections, wonderful resources to start and expand the career

Kun (Peter) Lin, PharmD

Hometown: Wenzhou, China

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois at Chicago

PGY1: University of Chicago Medicine 

Professional Interests: Malignant heme

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Food and bouldering

PGY2 Research: A pilot study to evaluate the relative dose intensity of adjuvant capecitabine in early stage breast cancer

​PGY1 Research: Evaluation of the safety of same-day pegfilgrastim administration in gastrointestinal malignancies

Fun Fact: I attended a Canadian international all-boy boarding high school

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The PGY2 hematology/oncology program at UChicago Medicine offers a wide variety of experience in both inpatient and outpatient oncology training. It is also one of the NCI-designated cancer centers in the nation, where we practice cancer care at the forefront. UCM also has an extremely supportive environment for all levels of learners, and you have great opportunities to challenge your critical thinking with the presence of our 24-hour on-call program. With the possibility of exposure to various clinical experiences, UCM allows me to diversify and grow into a well-rounded clinical specialist in hematology/oncology.


Kash Padmaraju, PharmD, BCPS (Non-Traditional PGY-2)

Hometown: Charleston, IL

Pharmacy School: St. Louis College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Union Hospital Terre Haute, IN

Professional Interests: Immunotherapy, Hazardous drug management, Solid Tumors

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants, playing tennis/golf/pickleball with friends, exploring the various neighborhoods within the city, or attempting to make new recipes

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of Daratumumab-Hyaluraonidase-Fihj SQ Hypersensitivity Reactions

​PGY1 Research: Evaluating Naloxone utilization in the perioperative setting to improve opioid prescribing practices and patient safety

Fun Fact: I can't see in 3D (movies, games, etc) due to a childhood eye injury. Won't catch me at an IMAX 3D!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: I decided to go back and pursue a PGY-2 at UCM due to the the wide breath of learning opportunities and the large amount of professional investment being made into hematology/oncology within the health system. I've always enjoyed the heme/onc space and the residency offers research, academic, and clinical skill development that will help make me a much better pharmacist!


Taylor McDonald, PharmD

Hometown: Elgin, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois at Chicago

PGY1: Northwestern Memorial Hospital 

Professional Interests: Informatics (clinical decision support, automation, etc.), medication safety, and pharmacy administration

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants and breweries, exploring the city, listening to country music, reading, and running by the lake

PGY2 Research: Development and Implementation of a Decision Support Tool to Identify High Risk Patients for Pharmacy Student-Driven Medication Reconciliation

PGY1 Research: Impact of a pharmacist-run transitions of care program on quality metrics in patients with COPD

Fun Fact: I've been on TV.  #famous

During pharmacy school I was interviewed on "Chicago's Best" as part of a segment reviewing a new ice cream shop in the West Loop.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The residency provides the opportunity for me to become Epic Willow certified and learn valuable skills crucial for a successful career in pharmacy informatics. No matter what your practice interests are UCM has amazing learning opportunities to further develop current interests as well as explore new ones. In addition to the diverse patient population UCM also fosters a strong learning environment. As a pharmacy resident you will be working directly with medical residents, fellows and attendings across a wide range of clinical specialties.



Emily McTish, PharmD

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Pharmacy School: Medical University of South Carolina

PGY1: TriStar Centennial Medical Center

Professional Interests: PICU, CICU

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Spending time on the Riverwalk

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of combination therapy with acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) versus NSAID monotherapy for treatment of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) closure in preterm neonates

PGY1 Research: Clinical Impact of Antipseudomonal Coverage in Patients with Diabetic Foot Infections

Fun Fact: I have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Tootsie!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM is an exceptional place to learn due to the supportive learning environment, the challenging and motivating preceptors, and the continued promotion of advancement of pharmacy practice throughout the institution. For the PGY2 in pediatrics specifically, there are extensive rotation opportunities customizable to the residents’ interests, ample leadership opportunities, and unique experiences through the on-call program. I couldn’t ask for a better program to help me grow and develop into a pediatric pharmacy specialist.


Sara Frey, PharmD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Pharmacy School: University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy 

PGY1: Lehigh Valley Health Network

Professional Interests: General Pediatrics and Pediatric Hem/Onc

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Walk in Grant Park

PGY2 Research: Vancomycin area under the curve and trough correlation in pediatric oncology patients

PGY1 Research: Evaluation of the extrapulmonary benefits after initiation of elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor in pediatric patients

Fun Fact: I ran 2 half-marathons in college!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The pediatric residency program at UCM will prepare me to work in all areas of pediatrics while having the opportunity to tailor my experience and receive more time in my areas of interest. The preceptors are extremely dedicated to teaching and create a supportive learning environment that helps residents and students reach their full potential.

Solid Organ Transplant


Paula Krzos, PharmD

Hometown: Norridge, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois at Chicago

PGY1: University of Chicago Medicine

Professional Interests: Transplant - too soon to pick my favorite organ yet

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Running or rollerblading along the lake, going to Chicago sports games, working out at Orange Theory, singing at Brando's karaoke bar

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of implementation of an antibiotic prophylaxis protocol for ureteral stent removal in kidney transplant recipients

PGY1 Research: CVVHD flow rate influence on achievement of therapeutic vancomycin concentration

Fun Fact: I helped form UCM’s first pharmacy resident beach volleyball league team, The Ace Inhibitors (we are now in our second season playing at North Ave!)

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The UCM Residency program is fast-paced and challenging but very rewarding! Having completed a PGY1 residency here, I think the robust in house on call program is what truly sets the PGY1 program and the residents in it apart from any other. Having this additional experience built into a residency allows UCM residents to step out of their comfort zone, quickly gaining autonomy and clinical confidence along the way, especially as a new practitioner. Additionally, doing a residency in a busy level 1 trauma center and serving an underserved patient population allows for experiencing unique and complicated cases! From a SOT PGY2 perspective, being part of such a robust transplant program is unmatched! The ability to rotate amongst all of the major organs, including kidney, liver, heart, lung and even some pancreas/islet cells allows us to gain a well-rounded training experience. Additionally, the unique transplant pharmacy workflow allows for experiences in both the inpatient and outpatient realms, which allows for PGY2 residents to be part of all aspects of patients' continuity of transplant care.

MTabriz Picture .jpg

Myesha Tabriz, PharmD

Hometown: Orland Park, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois at Chicago

PGY1: University of Chicago Medicine

Professional Interests: Solid organ transplant

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Walk along the lakefront and picnics in the summer

PGY2 Research: Efficacy of Fidaxomicin vs Oral Vancomycin for Clostridium difficile infection in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

PGY1 Research: Ketamine for Adjunctive Sedation in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Fun Fact: I lived in Texas, New York, and Michigan all before the age of 7 years old

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The residency program at UChicago Medicine offers a wide variety of opportunities to develop the skills necessary to grow professionally including the rigorous 24 hour on-call service, unique clinical practice settings, and the flipped research model. More importantly, the clinical preceptors are highly skilled and very dedicated to creating an excellent learning environment while also providing valuable mentorship.

PGY1 Pharmacy Residents 


Nilmarie Ayala-Fontanez, MS, PharmD

Hometown: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

Professional Interests: Solid organ transplant, critical care, hematology/oncology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants and going to festivals and coffee shops!

​PGY1 Research: Seizure incidence with levetiracetam prophylaxis in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Fun Fact: Before pharmacy school, I worked on a radio station and also was a TV news reporter for a day

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: University of Chicago Medicine provides a challenging yet rewarding experience. I was attracted to the opportunity to have a robust learning experience while caring for underserved communities in Chicago. The vast array of rotations in a Level 1 trauma center plus the 24-hour on call program really pushes us out of our comfort zone and gives us a level of autonomy that is unmatched. The clinical preceptors are very supportive and having a large residency class is one of the biggest asset of the program.


Abdul Barakat, PharmD

Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Pharmacy School: University of Michigan

Professional Interests: Emergency medicine, critical care, infectious disease

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Food, video games, food, volleyball, food

​PGY1 Research: Hypoglycemia in DKA patients with obesity

Fun Fact: I'm on a mission to find the greatest wings in Chicago

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: What allows the UCM Residency Program to stand-out from others is the unique 24-hour in-house on-call program. As a new pharmacist, this program challenges you to further your skills as an independent practitioner. For those who are looking to differentiate themselves from the rest, this is definitely the program for you! Additionally, the large residency class size enables us to build our network, creates a supportive learning environment, and makes the PGY1 experience unforgettable!


Haneen Hussein, PharmD

Hometown: Austin, TX

Pharmacy School: The University of Texas at Austin

Professional Interests: Emergency medicine, critical care, pediatrics

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Exploring the food scene in the city and suburbs, trying out local coffee shops

​PGY1 Research: High dose nitroglycerin with or without bolus for the treatment of hypertensive pulmonary edema

Fun Fact: I prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream any day

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UChicago Medicine provides a challenging, yet supportive environment for its residents to grow as clinical pharmacists. Caring for a very diverse patient population provides us the opportunity to build on our foundational knowledge and gain confidence in our clinical skills. Additionally, our large residency class is very supportive of each other and you know there is always someone who has your back!


Joann Huynh, PharmD

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

Professional Interests: Emergency medicine, critical care, and cardiology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Exploring new stationary shops, coffee shops, and restaurants

​PGY1 Research: Clinical impact of a pharmacist-led medication titration clinic on patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction

Fun Fact: I'm allergic to kiwis :'(

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The learning environment at UChicago Medicine challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow as both an individual and pharmacist. Being in Hyde Park also encourages you to incorporate the social determinants of health into your everyday practice so that you can better serve the community we live and work in. At UCM, the availability of learning opportunities, from mentorship and presentations to rotations and research, is unmatched. Pharmacists are well-integrated into the care team, and there is a strong network of people invested in your growth and learning.


Austin Miller, PharmD

Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Pharmacy School: Rutgers, The State University of NJ

Professional Interests: Emergency medicine, pre-hospital medicine

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Biking along the lakefront and playing with my cat Activated Charcoal (he goes by Charlie)

​PGY1 Research: The role of continuous insulin infusion for hypertriglyceridemia in critically ill adults

Fun Fact: I worked as an on-set EMT during the filming of a Food Network cake decorating contest judged by Buddy the Cake Boss

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The program is the perfect combination of supportive and challenging. Preceptors are at the top of their fields and still facilitate supportive and effective learning environments. There is flexibility so that experiences will be tailored to enable you to explore your interests while making sure you still get well-rounded training. With adult and pediatric level I trauma centers, comprehensive stroke center, children's hospital, and ambulatory/same-day surgery services on one campus, UCM has a patient population with a diversity and acuity that is one-of a kind. Responding to bedside for emergencies and being a resource for providers during the 24 hour on-call program also encourages incredible autonomy and growth as a clinician.


Caleb Navarro, PharmD

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Pharmacy School: Roosevelt University

Professional Interests: Hematology/oncology, infectious disease

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Playing bass, cooking and eating out, taking care of my 3 kittens, and miniature painting

​PGY1 Research: Impact of specialty pharmacy services on oral VEGF-TKI dose reductions and discontinuation rates at an internal health-system specialty pharmacy

Fun Fact: I found 2 of my kittens abandoned in my neighborhood with plans of fostering them temporarily before finding them a permanent home. Little did I know their new forever home would be with me!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Being a pharmacy resident at UCM has many advantages, like the rigorous 24 hour on-call program, working along side providers who are recognized as world-class leaders within their respective fields, and phenomenal preceptors who are incredibly supportive in directing your growth as a new practitioner. The exposure to a wide variety of situations seen both on rotations as well as on-call provide excellent learning opportunities day to day, helping to further develop your clinical skills as well as your autonomy. The very positive reception to pharmacy and the trust providers have in us at this institution truly makes it a special place to practice, and has helped pushed me in becoming more confident pharmacist.


Amir Saba, MPH, PharmD

Hometown: Iowa City, IA

Pharmacy School: University of Iowa

Professional Interests: Emergency medicine, infectious disease, public health

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Biking along the lakefront, going to museums, and taking walks in Hyde Park

​PGY1 Research: Determining risk factors for MRSA surgical site infections

Fun Fact: I’ve gotten a 100% on the “countries of the world” quiz on Sporcle

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Pharmacy residents come out of UCM well-equipped to handle the challenges of being a pharmacist. The patients we see here are often high-acuity with multiple conditions which pushes us to think creatively about their pharmacotherapy. The on-call program along with our staffing experiences quickly help residents become independent and quick on their feet. Finally, the flipped research model and research lecture series provide a solid foundation for both carrying out research and critically appraising literature. All of this combined with truly supportive program leadership, preceptors, and co-residents make UCM a great place for pharmacists to launch their careers.

Joe 3_edited.jpg

Joseph Griffin, PharmD (Non-Traditional PGY1)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Pharmacy School: Chicago State University

Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Walk my dog by the lake and rooting for my Cubbies and Packers

​PGY1 Research: Phenobarbital vs lorazepam for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal in critically ill patients

Fun Fact: I am a fan of boxing and MMA

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Opportunities to work with a diverse patient population along with world-class preceptors to develop well-rounded skills to be the best pharmacist I can be.

Sung Kim.jpg

Sung Kim, PharmD, BCPS (Non-Traditional PGY1)

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Pharmacy School: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy - Boston

Professional Interests: Cardiology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Walking my dog along the lakeshore and taking her out to swim.

​PGY1 Research: Impact of a Heart Failure Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy Stewardship Pharmacist

Fun Fact: I have a brother who is also a pharmacist in Chicago and he goes by the name Sung also.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UChicago Medicine residency program offers unparalleled experiences, challenges, and opportunities to help residents gain valuable clinical skills, autonomy, and confidence. Its rigorous program with exceptional support from our preceptors and co-residents is what makes the UCM residency genuinely unique and valuable.


Pavol Majercak, PharmD (Non-Traditional PGY1)

Hometown: Oak Forest, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

Professional Interests: Pharmacy informatics, oncology, toxicology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Soccer, running, cycling, and trying new restaurants.

​PGY1 Research: Investigation of Inpatient Pediatric Glucose Control after Implementation of an Insulin Dose Calculator

Fun Fact: I like to golf, but I'm terrible at it.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM provides a wide range of challenging experiences that allow the resident to widen their knowledge. There are many doors to be opened by taking any of the rotations, as they each offer a different slice of the healthcare experience. Also, the on-call program is one of a kind and has prepared me to tackle a large variety of issues seen in a hospital, from answering clinical questions to operationalizing a one of a kind therapy. Lastly, given the opportunity of being a non-traditional resident has shown me one of the most important pieces of a pharmacist's responsibilities, safe and effective drug distribution.

Combined PGY1/PGY2 Program


Austin Githens, PharmD

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Pharmacy School: Midwestern University

Professional Interests: Pharmacy enterprise expansion, 340b, teaching and education

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Spending time outside, seeing live jazz, exploring downtown

​PGY1 Research: Impact of a pharmacy managed HIV clinic on retention in care and viral suppression

PGY2 Research: UCM Outpatient $5 List

Fun Fact: I am usually in the middle of reading at least 5 different books at the same time.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The University of Chicago Medicine provides an incredibly strong clinical background during the PGY-1 component of the HSPAL program. There are plenty of opportunities to practice pharmacy at the highest level possible. This program prioritizes the resident's needs, and can be altered to fit your interests. UCM is a great program to be a part of as an administrative resident, as our pharmacy enterprise is very robust, and our leadership team is amazing! As an added bonus, you get to work with the team of 20+ other residents who all become one big family.


Elisha Powell, PharmD

Hometown: Olympia Fields, IL/Crown Point, IN

Pharmacy School: Purdue University

Professional Interests: Oncology Administration, Medication safety, Pharmacy operations

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Museums, Zoo, Visit different restaurants, Brazilian steakhouses are my favorite! Shopping on the mile, Dine-in movie theatres

​PGY1 Research: Comparison of midazolam versus dexmedetomidine as second-line sedation in very low birth weight neonates

Fun Fact: I have a radio inside my head and can often be seen dancing and humming to music no one else can hear :)

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The program offers the chance to work with not only a diverse patient population but also a diverse health care team. Working alongside other healthcare professionals, I feel like a valued member of the team. Also, as a HSPAL resident, along with developing a strong clinical foundation in my 1st year, I also get to experience how the interdisciplinary teams come together to improve medication safety, enhance existing policies, and create new policies based on the everchanging needs of the institution.

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