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Pharmacy Residents 

PGY2 Pharmacy Residents


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Monaz Engineer, PharmD

Hometown: Denver, CO

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

PGY1: Boston Medical Center

Professional Interests: Heart failure, electrophysiology

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, enjoying new coffee shops

PGY2 Research: Effect of Intravenous Negative Inotrope Administration for Atrial Fibrillation on Progression to Cardiogenic Shock

​PGY1 Research: Developing and Implementing an Intravenous Nitroglycerin Protocol for Boston Emergency Medical Services

Favorite thing to do in ChicagoGoing to museums/the zoo/happy hours, and laying out in the sun by the lake!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The PGY2 cardiology pharmacy program at UChicago Medicine offers a challenging yet supportive environment for its resident to excel. The mentorship from the cardiology pharmacy group provides an invaluable experience to learn from the best in the field while also allowing for interdisciplinary teamwork with our renowned cardiology teams. The services UCM offers, including bloodless cardiac surgeries, ECMO, heart transplant, and other cutting-edge advancements allows for an incredibly rewarding experience serving an underserved population. The 24-hour on-call program also encourages its residents to quickly gain an unrivaled autonomy and clinical confidence!

Hematology and Oncology

Donald Waddell.JPG

Donald Waddell, PharmD

Hometown: Gerrardstown, WV

Pharmacy School: The Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy - University of Hawaii at Hilo

PGY1: Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA

Professional Interests: Malignant hematology, pediatric oncology

Hobbies: I'm a huge movie fan - I love all types of cinema, especially a great thriller or horror film. I'm also an avid video gamer (Team Playstation) when I'm not busy with all things residency. Finally, I'm a huge entomology nerd as well. If I didn't go into pharmacy, I would definitely have gone into entomology!

PGY2 Research: Analysis of off-label utility of thrombopoietin (TPO) receptor agonists in cellular therapy patients

PGY1 Research: Evaluating the safety and efficacy of long-term brexanolone use

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: My absolute favorite thing to do in Chicago is try all of the restaurants I can. It's a foodie's paradise and I definitely take advantage of that.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: I knew that a residency at UChicago Medicine would challenge me to grow in many ways, both in oncology and beyond. The rigorous on-call program really teaches you to be an independent thinker and regularly challenges you with situations outside of your comfort zone. Here at UChicago Medicine we have the privilege of caring for an underserved population of Chicago and you know that the work that you do is really making a difference in the community. Finally, the PGY2 hematology/oncology program at UChicago Medicine provides a plethora of opportunities in both inpatient and outpatient clinics. We are at the forefront of cancer care and the growth and education we receive as residents is top-notch.


Nan Li, PharmD (Non-Traditional PGY-2)

Hometown: Harbin, China

Pharmacy School: Touro University College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Carle Foundation Hospital 

Professional Interests: Oncology

HobbiesAnything to do with the lake, drawing, painting, outdoor activities

PGY2 Research: Pharmacy management on high-dose methotrexate regimens

​PGY1 Research: IV acetaminophen use vs other routes of administration

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Visiting the botanic garden

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Professional build-up and network connections, wonderful resources to start and expand the career

Emily Ly_edited.jpg

Emily Ly, PharmD

Hometown: Houston, TX

Pharmacy School: The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Baylor Scott & White Medical Center

Professional Interests: Hematology/Oncology, Medication Safety, Internal Medicine

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, climbing, Netflix

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of CDK 4/6 Inhibitor-Induced Serum Creatinine Elevation in Breast Cancer Patients

​PGY1 Research: The Impact of PPIs or H2RAs on the Incidence of ICI-induced Diarrhea or Colitis in Lung Cancer Patients

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Walking by the lake, exploring new boba/coffee shops

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The PGY2 hematology/oncology pharmacy residency offers a wide variety of learning experiences across different disease states in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings. I am excited to work with excellent preceptors and participate in clinical activities that will grow my knowledge in pharmacotherapy and ability to provide well-rounded care to oncology patients. As a NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center and NCCN member institution, UCM provides an outstanding learning environment to continue my professional development into a clinical pharmacy specialist in hematology/oncology.


Kash Padmaraju, PharmD, BCPS (Non-Traditional PGY-2)

Hometown: Charleston, IL

Pharmacy School: St. Louis College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Union Hospital Terre Haute, IN

Professional Interests: Immunotherapy, Hazardous drug management, Solid Tumors

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants, playing tennis/golf/pickleball with friends, exploring the various neighborhoods within the city, or attempting to make new recipes

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of Daratumumab-Hyaluraonidase-Fihj SQ Hypersensitivity Reactions

​PGY1 Research: Evaluating Naloxone utilization in the perioperative setting to improve opioid prescribing practices and patient safety

Fun Fact: I can't see in 3D (movies, games, etc) due to a childhood eye injury. Won't catch me at an IMAX 3D!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: I decided to go back and pursue a PGY-2 at UCM due to the the wide breath of learning opportunities and the large amount of professional investment being made into hematology/oncology within the health system. I've always enjoyed the heme/onc space and the residency offers research, academic, and clinical skill development that will help make me a much better pharmacist!


Keeyan Davis.JPG

Keeyan Davis, PharmD

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Pharmacy School: Xavier University of Louisiana

PGY1: Xavier University of Louisiana

Professional Interests: All things Outpatient Pharmacy: Ambulatory Care, Specialty Pharmacy, Outpatient Infusions

Hobbies: Painting, Cricut Crafts, Binge watching TV shows

PGY2 Research: Development and implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) based automated chemotherapy dose rounding program to improve efficiencies, decrease costs, and minimize drug waste

PGY1 Research: Determining predictors for medication adherence: A qualitative focus group study of controlled and uncontrolled hypertensive patients

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Adventure to new eateries, attend comedy shows, bike/e-scooter along the lake, visit museums

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The PGY-2 Informatics Residency here at UCM provides the opportunity to experience a wide scope of unique experiences, from P&T Committee involvement to new location go-lives as UCM is constantly growing. The amount of clinical experiences partnered with informatics focused training allows the resident to be a well rounded and meaningful team member on interdisciplinary teams.

Infectious Diseases

UCM Logol.png

Jessica Ni, PharmD

Hometown: San Jose, California

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy

PGY1: NYU Langone Hospital - Brooklyn

Professional Interests: Infectious Diseases

Hobbies: Hiking, reading

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of 3-day Remdesivir Courses among Inpatients Not Requiring Oxygen Supplementation

PGY1 Research: Oral Stepdown Therapy in Uncomplicated Enterococcus Bacteremia

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants and cafes, taking walks along the river/lake

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UChicago Medicine offers an abundance of learning opportunities that fosters both professional and personal growth, from clinical practice to research and teaching. The preceptors here challenge you to develop your critical thinking skills, and pharmacists are well integrated within the patient care team.


Hannah Jenkins.JPG

Hannah Jenkins, PharmD

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

PGY1: Advocate Christ Medical Center

Professional Interests: NICU, PICU, Peds EM

Hobbies: Traveling to Europe, wine tasting, reading a crime/thriller book

PGY2 Research: Analysis of Newborn Serum Gentamicin Concentrations after Maternal Dosing of Gentamicin

PGY1 Research: Reduced Dosing Strategies Compared to Conventional Dosing for Therapeutic Enoxaparin in Critically Ill Patients

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Walk along the lakefront, check out neighborhood farmer's markets, go to a Cubs game

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The pediatric residency program at UCM offers experiences in all areas of pediatric clinical practice. Comer Children's Hospital is one of the busiest pediatric trauma centers in the country which has given me valuable experiences I would not have at other institutions. The preceptors are exceptional role models, passionate about teaching and always provide a supportive learning environment.

Valerie Moore_edited.jpg

Valerie Moore, PharmD

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Pharmacy School: Purdue University

PGY1: University of Michigan Health

Professional Interests: Pediatric Critical Care and Transplant; Academia

Hobbies: Gardening and running

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of aminophylline dosing and therapeutic drug monitoring in the pediatric intensive care unit 

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Trying new foods!

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: I joined UCM because of the focus on developing well-rounded residents. I wanted to train under the guidance of leading experts in pediatrics, and the preceptors seemed truly invested in the residents. I also enjoy working with our large group of PGY1 and PGY2 co-residents!

Solid Organ Transplant

Brendan Steiner.JPG

Brendan Steiner, PharmD

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Pharmacy School: Wilkes University

PGY1: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Professional Interests: Thoracic Transplant, Infectious Diseases, Critical Care

Hobbies: Reading LGBTQ+ Literature, Listening to Jazz

PGY2 Research: Characterization of Infectious Prophylaxis and Infectious Complications in Combined Heart-Liver Transplant Recipients

PGY1 Research: Safety and Efficacy of Anti-Xa Versus aPTT Monitoring in Patients with Liver Disease Receiving Therapeutic Unfractionated Heparin

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Taking Walks by the Lake, Trying New Restaurants

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Residency at UCM has afforded me opportunity to explore clinical practice in all of the main solid organ transplant groups (kidney, liver, heart, and lung), and with the support and mentorship from the experienced preceptors, I am currently developing my own style of practice as a transplant pharmacist in training. Outside of providing a diverse selection of clinical experiences, this program has also allowed me to continue to explore my interest in clinical research, and network with other professionals in the transplant community by attending national conferences throughout the year. The standard set by the PGY-2 Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacy Program is nothing short of excellent, as evidenced by the many transplant pharmacists who have trained and graduated from UCM before me, which is why I consider myself beyond lucky to complete my training here.

Specialty Pharmacy

Justin Han.JPG

Justin Han, PharmD

Hometown: Libertyville, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

PGY1: UNC Health Home Delivery and Specialty Pharmacy/UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Professional Interests: Specialty Pharmacy, Pharmacy Administration, Pharmacy Data Analytics

Hobbies: Muay Thai, theatre, basketball

PGY2 Research: Evaluation of a Pharmacist Directed Treat to Target Approach in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Receiving Upadacitinib or Risankizumab

PGY1 Research: Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Patient Care Workflows Within a Specialty Pharmacy

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Exploring new restaurants/cafes, enjoying the rich theatre scene in Chicago, and attending concerts.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM truly allows pharmacists to practice at the top of their license. The residency program here encourages the residents to challenge themselves and take the lead on their professional development. Plus having the opportunity to work alongside experts inside and outside of pharmacy has been a great experience.ore me, which is why I consider myself beyond lucky to complete my training here.

PGY1 Pharmacy Residents 

Chris David.JPG

Christopher David, PharmD

Hometown: Woodridge, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Michigan

Professional Interests: Critical care, emergency medicine, infectious disease

Hobbies: Frisbee, video games, (attempted) cooking, trying new restaurants

​PGY1 Research: Evaluating the Impact of Gentamicin Surgical Prophylaxis Workflow Updates on Operational and Clinical Outcomes

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Trying new food, walking along the lakeshore or through the many parks

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM's Pharmacy Residency Program provides the opportunity to learn from a wide range of pharmacy specialties and preceptors, other healthcare professionals, and quickly develop ones clinical competency. The most valuable experience of the program is its 24-hour on-call (PDOC). PDOC allows you to be the first-contact pharmacist for a variety of medical teams and respond to emergent care throughout the adult and pediatric hospital. The experience helps residents quickly transition from the "student mentality" into an independent, quick-thinking pharmacist. In addition to clinical opportunities, residents participate on hospital committees, design and conduct their own research, and develop leadership skills allowing them to become a well-rounded pharmacist.

Paige FIelds.jpg

Paige Fields, PharmD

Hometown: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Pharmacy School: University of Kentucky

Professional Interests: Critical care, emergency medicine

Hobbies: Live music, traveling, exercising, reality TVs

​PGY1 Research: Optimizing VTE Prophylaxis in Trauma Patients

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Kickball league, brunch, run by the lake, find new vintage stores

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: I knew UCM was a program that would challenge me! Training at an institution that cares for very sick and complex patients allows me to step out of my comfort zone and tailor my experience to become a well-rounded pharmacist. Each day I build my independence as a clinician through the autonomy I am given on rotation, as well as through our 24 hour in-house on-call program. Lastly, my co-residents, preceptors, and mentors have made the transition from student to pharmacist rewarding and enjoyable. I know UCM will prepare me for anything the future holds!


Hannah Frank, PharmD

Hometown: Homer Glen, IL

Pharmacy School: Butler University

Professional Interests: Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Infectious Disease

Hobbies: Cooking, house plant-parenting, collecting vinyl, thrifting

​PGY1 Research: Lipoprotein(a) testing: prevalence, patient characteristics, and impact on lipid-lowering therapy prescribing

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Take a stroll along the lakeshore on a sunny day

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM offers a challenging and robust residency program that prepares you to reach your full potential as a clinical pharmacist. With a complex and diverse patient population, a 24-hour on-call program, and a fast-paced learning environment, you'll leave UCM well-equipped with the knowledge and experience you'll need to stand out from the rest and be successful in your career. Pharmacists are an essential component of the patient-care team at UCM and are highly respected throughout the hospital. With the support of my outstanding co-residents and preceptors, this program has helped me grow into a more independent, confident pharmacist.

Chase Huston.JPG

Chase Huston, PharmD

Hometown: Seneca, South Carolina

Pharmacy School: Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Professional Interests: Oncology

Hobbies: Music, Travel, Cooking, Playing Piano, Being Outdoors, Board/Video Games

​PGY1 Research: Evaluation of Cangrelor Dose and Titrations after Neuroendovascular Procedures

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Try new restaurants/bars, festivals, live music/shows, museums

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UChicago Medicine allows for the opportunity to grow as a pharmacist.

Dianna Nguyen.JPG

Dianna Nguyen, PharmD

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Pharmacy School: University of Minnesota

Professional Interests: Oncology

Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends, trying new restaurants

​PGY1 Research: Determination of optimal anti-thymocyte globulin dose for renal transplant induction

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Going around to the different neighborhoods and checking out the ~vibes~

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Make A Difference

Rohan Patel.jpeg

Rohan Patel, PharmD

Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

Pharmacy School: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Professional Interests: Pediatrics, Public Health

Hobbies: Baking, Watching movies, Hiking

​PGY1 Research: Evaluation of Abraxane Dosing in GONC Malignancies

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Exploring museums, Walking along Michigan Lake, Trying to find a good pizza spot

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The University of Chicago Medicine provides a challenging yet engaging program to help residents develop as clinical pharmacists. The program asks you to step out of your comfort zone to improve on your critical thinking and patient evaluation skills. Coupled with a strong support system from the preceptors and camaraderie between the residents, UCM is the ideal program to foster growth as a clinician.

Jenna Werning.JPG

Jenna Werning, PharmD

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Pharmacy School: Creighton University

Professional Interests: Emergency medicine, critical care, and cardiology

Hobbies: Attending concerts and sporting events, baking, skiing, and hiking

​PGY1 Research: Continuation of Antipsychotics Initiated in the ICU at Unit Transfer and Hospital Discharge

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Walking along the lake and trying new restaurants and workout classes

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: University of Chicago Medicine challenges pharmacy residents to step out of their comfort zone to grow personally and professionally. The 24 hour on-call program allows for residents to build their autonomy and clinical thinking skills. Training at a respected level 1 trauma center and serving a diverse patient population allows for many learning opportunities with unique and complex cases. Most importantly, the clinical preceptors are well respected and dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment.

Sung Kim.jpg

Sung Kim, PharmD, BCPS (Non-Traditional PGY1)

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Pharmacy School: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy - Boston

Professional Interests: Cardiology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Walking my dog along the lakeshore and taking her out to swim.

​PGY1 Research: Impact of a Heart Failure Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy Stewardship Pharmacist

Fun Fact: I have a brother who is also a pharmacist in Chicago and he goes by the name Sung also.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UChicago Medicine residency program offers unparalleled experiences, challenges, and opportunities to help residents gain valuable clinical skills, autonomy, and confidence. Its rigorous program with exceptional support from our preceptors and co-residents is what makes the UCM residency genuinely unique and valuable.


Pavol Majercak, PharmD (Non-Traditional PGY1)

Hometown: Oak Forest, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

Professional Interests: Pharmacy informatics, oncology, toxicology

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Soccer, running, cycling, and trying new restaurants.

​PGY1 Research: Investigation of Inpatient Pediatric Glucose Control after Implementation of an Insulin Dose Calculator

Fun Fact: I like to golf, but I'm terrible at it.

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM provides a wide range of challenging experiences that allow the resident to widen their knowledge. There are many doors to be opened by taking any of the rotations, as they each offer a different slice of the healthcare experience. Also, the on-call program is one of a kind and has prepared me to tackle a large variety of issues seen in a hospital, from answering clinical questions to operationalizing a one of a kind therapy. Lastly, given the opportunity of being a non-traditional resident has shown me one of the most important pieces of a pharmacist's responsibilities, safe and effective drug distribution.

Faryal Tariq.JPG

Faryal Tariq, PharmD (Non-Traditional PGY1)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Pharmacy School: University of Illinois Chicago

Professional Interests: I absolutely loved seeing the unique yet complex procedures in the ORs as a decentralized pharmacist, but I am also intrigued by the chaos of the ED. An ideal career trajectory would be a mesh of the two.

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: People watching at local coffee shops, avid perfume collector and listening to serial killer podcasts while stuck in Chicago traffic.

​PGY1 Research: Reaction Incidence with Iodinated Contrast Media Allergy 5 Hours versus 1 Hour Premedication Protocol in the Emergency Department

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: Having worked at UChicago Medicine for about a year and a half prior to starting residency helped me truly understand what it means to be at an institution focused on teaching not only for residents but also practicing pharmacists. Training under the wings of pharmacy specialists at a level 1 trauma center alongside a comprehensive stroke center in the south side of Chicago ensures your training will be challenging, robust, but overall a rewarding experience.

Ashlee Vaclavik.JPG

Ashlee Vaclavik, PharmD (Community PGY1)

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Pharmacy School: Wayne State University

Professional Interests: Chronic disease prevention and management, public health

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Volleyball (beach and indoor), jogging, cooking, and many others!

​PGY1 Research: Role of TPMT genotyping prior to thiopurine initiation in IBD Patients at UCM

Favorite things to do in Chicago: Play volleyball at North Avenue Beach

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM has a wide variety of ambulatory and specialty clinics staffed by pharmacists that make it a great place for PGY1 community residents to get exposure to different outpatient practices. There is also a variety of staffing shifts among traditional community practice, mail order, and transitions of care that each require unique skills making me a more well rounded pharmacist. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to become involved in presentations, projects, and precepting to ensure I am getting everything I need to continue advancing my career when I complete residency.

Combined PGY1/PGY2 Program


Elisha Powell, PharmD

Hometown: Olympia Fields, IL/Crown Point, IN

Pharmacy School: Purdue University

Professional Interests: Oncology/Infusion Leadership, Medication safety, Pharmacy operations, Health Equity

Hobbies/Favorite things to do in Chicago: Everything cooking! I love to recreate recipes with my own spin and create new ones. I would love to write a cookbook one day!

​PGY1 Research: Comparison of midazolam versus dexmedetomidine as second-line sedation in very low birth weight neonates

PGY2 Research: Waste Reduction Strategies to Reduce IV Medication Waste and Decrease Drug Expenditure at the University of Chicago Medical Center

Fun Fact: I have a radio inside my head and can often be seen dancing and humming to music no one else can hear :)

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: The program offers the chance to work with not only a diverse patient population but also a diverse health care team. Working alongside other healthcare professionals, I feel like a valued member of the team. Also, as a HSPAL resident, along with developing a strong clinical foundation in my 1st year, I also get to experience how the interdisciplinary teams come together to improve medication safety, enhance existing policies, and create new policies based on the everchanging needs of the institution.

Diana Kim.JPG

Diana Kim PharmD

Hometown: Queens, NY

Pharmacy School: St John's University

Professional Interests: Regulation, Finance, Workflow Optimization, Medication Safety

Hobbies: Propagating and taking care of my indoor plant collection, and mindful cleaning!

​PGY1 Research: Implementation of Pediatric Pharmacy Technician Competencies in a Combined Adult and Pediatric Staffing Model

Favorite thing to do in Chicago: Trying new restaurants in the City, walking through the parks in Chicago, and admiring the architecture

Value of University of Chicago Medicine Residency: UCM residency program's diverse team of preceptors and challenging patient cases elevates the resident's critical thinking skills and standard of care. For the PGY1 HSPAL resident, the program has high expectations of developing a strong clinical background to help truly understand how the administrative processes integrate purposely with patient care at UCM

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