Lillian Bellfi, PharmD
PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Resident


Lilly Bellfi is a PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Resident at the University of Chicago Medicine. She originally hails from Ann Arbor, MI, where she completed a BS in Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. Lilly graduated with her PharmD from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy and completed her PGY1 at the University of Chicago Medicine. She has had diverse work experiences prior to and during pharmacy school as a Michigan Center for Hand Outcomes and Innovation Research (M-CHOIR) research assistant, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center pharmacy intern, Meijer Pharmacy intern, and a pharmacy research intern for EPI-Q, a pharmacoeconomic and health outcomes consulting firm. She is actively involved as a member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacists, previously serving as a Member-at-Large for the ACCP National Resident Advisory Committee as a PGY1, and now serving as the resident member for the ACCP Education Affairs Committee. Her interests include critical care, cardiology, and emergency medicine. Additionally, she has a strong interested in academia and health outcomes research. In her spare time, Lilly enjoys exploring new restaurants, the Chicago music scene, and riding her bike along the lakeshore.


PGY2 Research

Efficacy, safety, and cost outcomes of inhaled epoprostenol versus inhaled nitric oxide in the critically ill


PGY1 Research

Adverse effects of inappropriately prescribed direct-acting oral anticoagulants


My Favorite Aspects of the UChicago Program

  • On-call program

  • Supportive preceptors that encourage resident autonomy

  • Specialized clinical services with high-level expertise in their respective fields of practice

  • Highly integrated pharmacy services with inter-collaborative relationships with various healthcare professionals



  • PGY2 Grand Rounds Seminar – Wake me up before you go go: Neurostimulants in traumatic brain injury

  • PGY1 Grand Rounds Seminar - Keep Calm and Push the Propofol: Expanding Propofol Use in the Emergency Department



  • ACCP Educational Affairs Committee B – Member

  • Resident Development Committee - Co-Chair

  • American Heart Association-Heart Walk Committee

  • Stroke Committee

  • Medication Safety Committee


Lillian's PGY2 Learning Experience Schedule

Module 1: Medical Intensive Care Unit

Module 2: Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit

Module 3: Emergency Medicine

Module 4: Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Module 5: Surgical, Trauma, Burn Intensive Care Units

Module 6: Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit

Module 7: Advanced Medical Intensive Care Unit

Module 8: Advanced Surgical, Trauma, Burn Intensive Care Units


Lillian's PGY1 Learning Experience Schedule

Module 1: Neurosciences ICU

Module 2: Pharmacy Practice Experience (PPE)

Module 3: Internal Medicine

Module 4: Cardiology

Module 5: Solid Organ Transplant - Heart

Module 6: Antimicrobial Stewardship

Module 7: Anticoagulation Management Services

Module 8: Pharmacy Administration

Module 9: Total Parenteral Nutrition/PPE

Module 10: Pediatric ICU

Module 11: Bone Marrow Transplant

Module 12: Emergency Medicine


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