Kaitlyn Pinkos, PharmD
PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident


Kaitlyn Pinkos is currently a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident at the University of Chicago Medicine. She graduated with her Doctor of Pharmacy from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. At UMB, Kaitlyn worked at an independently owned community pharmacy, held leadership positions in various school groups, and was a part of multiple research teams in both cardiology and oncology. Kaitlyn was interested in pursuing a residency position at a large academic medical center where she would work with strong clinicians in a variety of practice areas and have diverse experiences that would allow her to grow and develop her own clinical knowledge. Her primary interest areas are cardiology, critical care and research. She is looking forward to building on her experience and education through the rigorous but supportive program at UCM.


PGY1 Research

Kaitlyn’s PGY1 Research project will look at the impact of moving from variable dosing to fixed dosing for 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate. 


Value of the UChicago Program

The residency program at UChicago provides a wide array of clinical experiences with interdisciplinary teams, both inpatient and outpatient, in order to provide residents with a well-rounded learning experience. Residents are given the autonomy to apply their knowledge and develop as practitioners while also providing support and learning opportunities from knowledgeable preceptors. From our on-call program to innovative research projects and teaching opportunities, UChicago will challenge me to become a confident and strong clinician able to provide optimal patient care.


My Favorite Aspects of the UChicago Program

  • Preceptors that are experts in their fields

  • Clinical on-call program

  • Supportive mentors

  • Numerous elective opportunities for rotations

  • Opportunities to precept students and a teaching certificate program​



  • Teaching certificate program

  • Noon report case presentations

  • Grand rounds presentation



  • Informatics committee

  • Research committee


Kaitlyn's PGY1 Learning Experience Schedule

Module 1: Heart Transplant

Module 2: Internal Medicine

Module 3: Pharmacy Practice Experience/Total Parenteral Nutrition

Module 4: Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Module 5: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Module 6: Meds to Beds/Ambulatory Care

Module 7: Medical Intensive Care Unit

Module 8: Antimicrobial Stewardship

Module 9: Pharmacy Practice Experience/Medication Safety

Module 10: Neurology

Module 11: Bone Marrow Transplant/Car-T Cell

Module 12: Pharmacy Administration


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