Christian Kressin, PharmD
PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident


Christian Kressin is a current PGY1 Resident at the University of Chicago Medicine. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with his Doctor of Pharmacy. In Minnesota, he held inpatient internships at the University of Minnesota Medical Center (Fairview) and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, as well as a retail internship at CVS in Target. In school, Christian held leadership positions in Phi Lambda Sigma, Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance, and Phi Delta Chi. Additionally, he worked closely with the underserved populations within the Twin Cities. His professional interests are critical care, teaching, and clinical leadership.


PGY1 Research

Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis after Intracranial Hemorrhage


Value of the UChicago Program

The UChicago Medicine residency program provides pharmacy residents the opportunity to gain independence early-on with the clinical on-call program. I believe that this experience helps stimulate growth beyond the regular staffing and rotation experiences as you are the primary clinical pharmacist to answer the drug information questions and respond to medical emergencies.


My Favorite Aspects of the UChicago Program

  • Clinical On-Call Program

  • Academic Medical Center

  • Leadership Development

  • Teaching Certificate

  • Rotation Opportunities



  • Grand Rounds

  • Teaching Certificate Program



  • Resident Development Committee

  • Recruitment Committee


Christian's PGY1 Learning Experience Schedule

Module 1: Cardiac Critical Care

Module 2: Kidney Transplant

Module 3.1: Meds to Beds

Module 3.2: Ambulatory Care

Module 4: Pediatric Infectious Diseases Consult

Module 5: Pharmacy Administration and Leadership

Module 6: Supportive Oncology

Module 7:.1 Pharmacy Practice Experience

Module 7.2: Medication Safety

Module 8: Pediatric Intensive Care

Module 9: Leukemia

Module 10: Internal Medicine

Module 11: Medical Intensive Care

Module 12.1: Total Parental Nutrition

Module 12.2: Pharmacy Practice Experience


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