Andrew Ruplin, PharmD
PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident


Andrew Ruplin is a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident at the University of Chicago Medicine. He graduated with his Doctor of Pharmacy from Drake University in 2017. His interests for pharmacy practice include internal medicine, infectious diseases, cardiology, and oncology. Additionally, he has a strong passion for research, particularly social and administrative pharmacy but also bench research as well. He has completed projects exploring implementation of translational research, professional students’ perceptions of medical cannabis, factors that influence acute psychiatric admissions, and canine genetics. Beyond the classrooms and labs during his time at Drake, Andrew loved to work with pharmacy organizations on campus including ACCP, APhA, Rho Chi, and Phi Lambda Sigma. Some of his favorite memories while in pharmacy school include writing, directing, filming, and acting in the Drake APhA chapter’s submissions for the annual PharmFlix competition, specifically, Valuation and True Pharmacist. His interests in academia cannot be understated, and he spent numerous years at Drake seeking out teaching and service opportunities in addition to his research pursuits. Ultimately, he hopes to return to a university setting sometime in the future to live and work as a professor.

PGY1 Research

Andrew’s first-year residency project will look at medication reconciliation processes across peri-operative transitions of care at UCM. This research will hope to determine best practices for medication reconciliation across transitions of care for surgical patients in order to reduce medication errors, delays, and waste.

Value of the UCM Program

As the teaching hospital for the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine, UCM is a proud academic and research-intensive medical center that encourages growth among all health disciplines in addition to advancing medical science. The pharmacists of UCM have cultivated a highly-respected culture and reputation among the medical campus. When on rotations, you will be the clinical pharmacist that both experienced and young physicians look to for recommendations, and they will accept them with full confidence in your abilities. While this responsibility is substantial, you can expect to develop exponentially as you navigate the fast pace and high acuity of UCM’s patient care services. Patients come from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds that push the resident to consider not only the clinical medical profile of patients, but resources such as costs, transitions of care, and health literacy. And as a major medical center located in America’s third largest city, Chicago, you can be certain that you will see patients and cases found nowhere else.

My Favorite Aspects of the UCM Program

  • My Second Family—Amazing Co-Residents and Preceptors

  • Diverse Pharmacy Practice Areas

  • Clinical On-Call Program


  • Residency Newsletter Committee

  • Recruitment Committee

Andrew's PGY1 Clinical Rotation Schedule

Module 1: General Cardiology

Module 2: Internal Medicine

Module 3: Leukemia

Module 4: Nutrition and Pharmacy Practice Experience

Module 5: Investigational Drug Services

Module 6: Anticoagulation Management Service Ambulatory Care Clinic

Module 7-8.5: Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit

Module 8.5: Pharmacy Practice Experience

Module 9: General Pediatrics

Module 10: Heart Transplant

Module 11: Antimicrobial Stewardship

Module 12: Administration and Leadership

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