Huda Mirza
PharmD Candidate 2021
Clinical Pharmacy Intern, Summer 2018


Huda graduated from the University of Chicago Medicine Clinical Pharmacy Internship program July 27th, 2018. She is currently completing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy. During her summer internship at UChicago she rounded with the Pediatric Team at Comer Children’s Hospital and collected critical medication histories for patients admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the general pediatrics floors. She also collaborated with UChicago clinical and administrative staff to complete an Omnicell optimization project for the omnicells located in Comer Children’s Hospital. She assisted with various drug shortages including the lidocaine drug shortage and assembled kits for the hydromorphone drug shortage. She also had the opportunity to participate in various leadership workshops with the program director, Dr. Bryan McCarthy and had the unique opportunity to shadow him as well. In addition, she gained knowledge in regards to various clinical pearls through workshops lead by Dr. Megan Corsi and Dr. Joelle Farano. She is looking forward to applying for PGY1 residency and eventual PGY2 training in pediatrics or health-system pharmacy administration.



Value of the UCM CPI Program

This has been a tremendously rewarding experience due to the unique nature of the program and the breadth of experiences and opportunities it offers which will be extremely useful to me as a future pharmacist and patient care advocate. The program gave me an insight into some of the major aspects of health-system pharmacy. I also gained extraordinary mentors in the process such as Dr. Bryan McCarthy, Dr. Megan Corsi, and Dr. Joelle Farano.



My Favorite Aspects of the UCM CPI Program

  • Residency Roundtables

  • Multidisciplinary Rounds

  • Patient interaction

  • Leadership workshops with Dr. Bryan McCarthy