Jennifer Froomkin, PharmD
PGY2 Internal Medicine Pharmacy Resident


Jenny Froomkin is the current PGY2 Internal Medicine Pharmacy Resident at the University of Chicago Medicine. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Science Education from Eastern Michigan University, and received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Previously, she completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Residency at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) in Detroit, Michigan. Her interests include internal medicine and cardiology. After graduation she hopes to start her career as an Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist Specialist in the metro-Detroit area.


PGY2 Research

Her second-year residency project is tentatively titled “Ketamine effects in treatment of vaso-occlusive crisis and sickle cell disease”. This project will focus on the length of stay impact for adult sickle cell disease patients when low-dose ketamine infusions are used in combination with standard pain medication regimens.

PGY1 Research

Titled “Length of stay in heart failure patients hospitalized with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treated with beta-blockers,” this project looked at length of stay differences in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and concomitant heart failure with reduced ejection fraction admitted to an adult DMC hospital with a COPD exacerbation given metoprolol versus carvedilol. The objective was to determine if using a cardioselective beta-blocker would decrease the length of stay. Final statistics and evaluation of data are ongoing.

My Favorite Aspects of the UCM Program

  • Knowledgeable preceptors

  • Large residency class

  • Excellent teaching environment

  • Diversity of rotations offered

Jenny's PGY2 Clinical Rotation Schedule

Module 1: Internal Medicine

Module 2: General Cardiology

Module 3: Internal Medicine

Module 4.1: Neurology

Module 4.2: Supportive Oncology

Module 5: MICU

Module 6.1: Medical Writing

Module 6.2: CT Surgery

Module 7.1: Transplant - Kidney

Module 7.2: Hospitalist

Module 8: Internal Medicine

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